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We so welcome Kaaren Tramonte to Cartersville. Kaaren is a visionary. A lover of adventure and everything history related. She is all about making a difference in one’s community and obsessed with helping small town Georgia thrive again! She has experience consulting small business, creating tourist attractions and thinking up winning strategies.
Her Past Experience is with Tour & Event Programming, Business Developmen Services, Historic Residential & Commercial Sales, Historic Neighborhood/District Marketing, Exhibit, Program & Fundraiser Creation, Think Tank & Back Office Solution.
“What I love most is the preservation work that has been done in the historic district. I’ve visited many similar sized downtown’s in Georgia and have always suggested others to be more like Cartersville! Learning the history and revitalization work of the downtown has been my main focus in the past. It is a great example of how the private and public sector can work together for the greater good of all!” says Kaaren.
“The lovely locals and tid bits of history that you get while walking around, really helps you feel connected to the place, even when you are just a visitor. It leaves you wanting to experience more,” Kaaren continues.
“The events and collaboration of local business owners is also outstanding! Cartersville is ahead of the game in my opinion and something to be proud of and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to help promote the awesome downtown vibe.” Kaaren concludes.